Product Liability

Have you suffered from illness or injury due to a defective product?

Product liability refers to a manufacturer or seller’s responsibility to design, label, package, and manufacture products that are not dangerous. It’s the company’s job to ensure that their products have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe for consumer, industrial and construction use. When illness or injury occurs, it may be because there was a bad design or faulty fabrication before it went to market or because there wasn’t sufficient warning for customers at the time they used the product.

Our product liability attorneys at East Valley Injury Law know that many companies and brands make mistakes that can lead to property damage or bodily harm. Thankfully, you can take steps to receive compensation for any damage that results from a faulty product. We fight to obtain the financial support you need to help put the incident behind you.

Types of Defective Products

Any company can make a defective product, regardless of its size and reputation. Some defective products are grouped by batches (e.g., all cars made in a certain year by a certain manufacturer have faulty airbags). Others can be a one-off error that only occurred a single time.

Our product liability attorneys at East Valley Injury Law take the time to get to the bottom of your situation, using forensic experts, identifying all of the liable parties who were involved, and ensuring that everyone is held accountable for their fault.

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Defective products may include:

  • Household products (e.g., refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, heaters, exercise equipment)
  • Auto parts (e.g., airbags, windows, brakes, accelerators, seat belts)
  • Industrial equipment (e.g., manufacturing or construction machinery, presses, punches, etc.)
  • Medical devices (e.g., stents, implants, pacemakers, surgical equipment)
  • Children’s products (e.g., cribs, clothing, toys, bicycles)

Arizona Product Liability Attorneys

Product liability can sometimes be a tricky thing to prove. It’s also easy to blame other parties when it happens. For instance, the manufacturer might claim the retail owner had something to do with the defect. If the company works with a vendor, they might try to stall a case by saying the vendor was at fault. Our product liability attorneys in Arizona are there to present proof of a defect, then negotiate and help expedite any compensation you might be owed.

Let Us Take the Reins: Why Call East Valley Injury Law

When our clients first contact us, it’s often because they’re overwhelmed by the legal process. At East Valley Injury Law, we do more than just explain the necessary steps you’ll need to go through. We are local attorneys, born and raised in Arizona and we want to help you through this difficult time. We see this as an opportunity to help you recover by shouldering the more complex, technical engineering analysis and nuances of Arizona law for you. If you would like to learn more about how product liability applies to your situation, contact us for a free consultation today.

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