Hot/Spilled Coffee Cases

Most people are aware of the notorious McDonald’s hot/spilled coffee case that resulted in a large verdict in the State of New Mexico in the mid-1990s.

Commentators thought it unfair that the jury awarded damages to a woman burned when she squeezed a Styrofoam cup between her thighs. Most people are unaware, however, of the evidence presented to the jury. The evidence showed McDonald’s told its franchisees they could get more product and make more money from the same ground coffee by brewing it at higher temperatures.

Coffee Burns Remain Common

Because of the McDonald’s case, it would be rare to find a restaurant giving that type of instruction anymore. Yet, burns from coffee sold by fast-food restaurants remain common. Some are serious and require immediate treatment to handle the pain and avoid infection. Some burns even require plastic surgery.

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The problem is the industry brews coffee at about 200°…

Coffee is regularly served at temperatures between 170 and 180°. Should coffee at that temperature spill on a customer it will burn layers of skin immediately. If a poorly placed plastic lid pops off when coffee is handled it can spill a large volume of scalding liquid onto a customer’s lap and cause horrific injuries.

In a number of cases, we have successfully recovered money for consumers who were burned in fast food restaurants due to poor employee training and practices.

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