Bicycle Accidents

Cycling in Arizona has become an ever-increasing form of recreation and transportation over the years. Because of the good weather almost year-round in Arizona, the number of bicyclists is higher than most states.

There is nothing quite like riding a bike, and with the proper safety precautions, it can be both a healthy and enjoyable activity. It can boost one’s mood and physical health and be a low-cost, environmentally friendly method of getting around. However, even with safety measures, cycling can have the potential of turning into an unexpected catastrophe.

Prevalence of Bicycle Accidents in Arizona

Arizona is ranked number five for the most dangerous state for bicyclists. This increases the need for Arizonans to take extra precautions, be aware of Arizona bicycle laws, and also understand what steps to take if they or a loved one are ever a victim of a bicycle accident.

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The Legalities of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents should be taken just as seriously as vehicular collisions. By law, bicyclists are considered to be in the same category as motorized vehicles when sharing the road with other vehicles. Those responsible for injuries and damages during a bicycle accident should be held accountable for their actions. At East Valley Injury Law, we understand how pursuing legal action can serve to pay for any medical treatment, damage, or other losses caused as a result of a bicycle accident.

East Valley Injury Law is Here to Help

East Valley Injury Law knows the physical and emotional toll that a bicycle accident can have and is equipped to help you take legal action. We can thoughtfully and thoroughly work your case to receive what is rightfully yours. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle any bicycle accident.

If you or a loved one have experienced injuries from a bicycle accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

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