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The stress of being involved in a car accident is overwhelming. Aside from the physical injuries, there are medical bills, doctor visits, auto and health insurance issues, perhaps lost wages, and more. Having to meet with a personal injury lawyer for the first time can add to that stress. So, here are some tips to help make the initial meeting with your lawyer as productive and stress-free as possible.


Part of your lawyer’s job is to prove the injuries you sustained in the crash were, in fact, caused by the car accident. To do this, we have to secure the necessary evidence to make sure a jury understands the negligence of the other driver caused the injuries we are claiming. Aside from documentation proving outstanding medical bills, for example, we also need to be able to demonstrate the physical, financial, and emotional impact  the injuries have, or had, on your daily life. The more documentation you can bring to the initial consultation, the easier it will be for your personal injury attorney to build your case. Below is a list of documents you should plan to bring to our first meeting, when possible:

  • Copy of the police or accident report;
  • Any witness statements or information you collected;
  • Your health and auto insurance information;
  • Pictures of your injuries as soon after the accident as possible;
  • Pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle, if applicable;
  • Medical records and bills related to treatment for the accident;
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses, such as equipment to modify your home;
  • Written estimate of how much it will cost to repair your vehicle, if applicable;
  • Pay stubs from your employment (if you missed work due to the accident), and;
  • Documentation from your employer showing how much work you have missed;

A Personal Narrative or Impact Statement

Since we have a limited amount of time at the consultation, you may not be able to remember everything on the spot.  For this reason, we ask that you write down every detail of the accident you can remember in your own words. We will make a copy of your written account and keep it in your legal file for reference. Be sure to include all details you can think of, even if they seem small or irrelevant. Family members or friends who were with you at the time of the accident can also provide their input.

It is also a good idea to detail how the injuries from the accident are affecting your day to day life. You might consider the following questions as you write:  What can I no longer do physically, or am limited in doing, as a result of the car accident?  When do I feel the most discomfort or pain?  How and when do my injuries affect my mood? What do I need help with now that I could easily do on my own prior to the crash?  How do my injuries and or pain affect my relationships with my family or spouse? These are just a few examples of questions to consider to help detail the effects of injuries following a car crash.

We Are Prepared to Answer Your Questions

You will meet with a lawyer in person the first time you come in. There is no rush at this appointment. Our goal is for you to leave the consultation feeling like we have answered all your questions, and addressed any concerns.  We invite you to take the first step in obtaining compensation for your injuries by scheduling a free consultation with East Valley Injury Law today.